How to get your free trial:

  • You'll access your free trial to the ADKAR Dashboard through the Prosci Portal.
  • If you have a Portal account, simply click the link below, log into your account, and you'll be taken to the tool!
  • If you don't yet have a free Portal account, you'll need to activate your free account, then navigate to theADKAR Dashboard within the Portal. You can also return to this page and click the link below.

    take me to the portal
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With ADKAR Dashboard you can:


  • Measure ADKAR scores for unlimited projects and the groups and individuals who are impacted by changes
  • Create customized surveys either using a pre-loaded survey from Prosci or creating your own from scratch
  • Immediately view results: see ADKAR scores for the overall project, impacted groups, or individual level
  • Review barrier points and adjust your change management strategy to ensure you continue to catalyze individual transitions and ensure project success
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