Expert Insights on Leading Successful AI Adoption

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As a leader, are you wondering if your organization should adopt artificial intelligence (AI)? The truth is, AI is already part of how the world does business today.

What you should be asking is far more critical to success:

Is your organization equipping people effectively to adopt and use generative AI (GenAI) solutions, maximize opportunities, and negate critical threats?

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of leaders say they don’t have a clear path to AI implementation


of participants in Prosci research say fear and a lack of understanding of AI are a top concern


of employee resistance and 51% of manager resistance could have been avoided


"Adoption is the linchpin of successful AI implementation. Leaders must focus on how their people engage with, adopt, and use AI solutions because the true value of AI is only realized when it is fully embraced by the organization. Without this, even the most advanced technologies will fall short of their potential." 

—Tim Creasey,
Prosci Chief Innovation Officer

"There are aspects of AI-related changes that are unique to the technology. But at the end of the day, organizational benefits of AI are only achieved through widespread adoption, as with many other types of changes. That adoption challenge has far more to do with the human experience than the technology itself." 

—Paul Gonzalez
Prosci Senior Director of Product

"The Prosci ADKAR Model equips leaders to navigate complex changes like AI technologies by aligning individual transitions with organizational goals. This strategic framework enables employees to embrace new technologies, transforming challenges into growth opportunities that drive sustained success and competitive advantage."  

—Scott McAllister
Prosci Chief Executive Officer