Early Insights, Applications, and Implications of AI in Change Management

What will be the impact of AI on your role as a change manager in 2024? We surveyed attendees of the Early Insights, Applications, and Implications of AI in Change Management webinar to learn how change practitioners are incorporating AI into their work, understand the reasons behind not using AI in certain change management projects, and explore the exciting opportunities and concerns that change professionals anticipate with AI in the next two years.

Explore attendees’ responses in the dashboard below. To get started, click the expand  expand-icon icon (bottom right) to see the dashboard in full-screen mode. 

The dashboard above shows responses to these questions and more:

  • What is your current focus for AI?
  • What is your current use of AI in your change management work?
  • How are you currently using AI tools and technologies in your change management practice?
  • Over the next 12 months, which of the following AI application in CM do you expect to have the biggest impact for you?
  • Which of the following benefits of using AI do you expect would have the biggest impact on change success?
  • Which "enterprise AI capability" is most deficient in your organization today?

Learn what these findings mean for you in this webinar recap article.

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