Defining Change Impact

How to Assess and Address Change Impacts Quickly

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COVID-19 is presenting change practitioners with situations that change daily. You need to act despite that challenge. This flexible Yesterday-Tomorrow activity enables you to:

  • Determine which aspects of people’s work will change
  • Identify the impacts they will experience after the change
  • Make ongoing adjustments as needed  

Read this blog to understand the Yesterday-Tomorrow Exercise, download the fillable worksheet, and to learn how to use it.

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Help and Support Managers

Use CLARC to Lead the Change to Working Remotely

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While most organizations were already experiencing a great deal of change, the current global situation requires us to rapidly adapt to new ways of connecting and working together.

Although it may feel different, your role as a manager in change still requires you to fulfill five key roles:

  • Communicator
  • Liaison
  • Advocate
  • Resistance Manager
  • Coach

Use this fillable worksheet to help your people make a successful change to remote work.

Actionable Insights

Aiming ADKAR at Today's Change Challenges


Watch this interactive webinar to learn how to use ADKAR as a tool to enable agility, promote resiliency and manage the fluid environment in which we are working. During the second half of this webinar, Tim engages the audience in an "ADKAR hackathon" to create solutions for the challenges we are facing as a result of COVID-19. Download the slides to follow along.

Download the Quick-Start Guides

We created four quick-start guides with immediately actionable tips and direction to support you on your more pressing shared challenges. Download them here.



The Prosci ADKAR MOdel

The Prosci ADKAR Model eBook

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The ADKAR Model is still the easiest, quickest way to plan a change, even when you need high levels of flexibility and agility. After completing the Yesterday-Tomorrow Exercise, apply the outputs to each ADKAR element to arrive at targeted, actionable steps quickly.

This eBook provides an overview of the ADKAR Model and how to use it, including: 

  • A walk-through of each element for successful change
  • Examples of the ADKAR Model in action
  • A quick exercise to help you apply the model in your own life or work
Video Content

A Playlist for Applying the ADKAR Model

Prefer to watch and listen? This playlist offers videos explaining the ADKAR Model, each building block, and examples for using ADKAR in various situations.

More videos will be added over the coming weeks. Please check back.  

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Additional Resources

Best Practices for Managing Change

You may find the articles and previously-recorded webinars below helpful. Although they don't specifically address crisis-related change, the core lessons offer important insights that apply to rapidly changing environments.



The Prosci blog will continue to focus on change related to COVID-19 for the next several weeks. Check in regularly or subscribe to read the latest content.

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Prosci has also felt the impacts of COVID-19. To meet client needs, we have moved our Change Management Certification Program to a Virtual, Instructor-Led Training platform. Programs are available now. Learn more.

Prosci eLearning modules offer flexible, remote training at scale. If  you need to quickly deploy change management across your teams and organization, our foundational training modules could be right for you. Learn more.

We know organizations and change practitioners are experiencing many challenges right now, and we're working tirelessly to address your needs. If you have questions, we're here to help.

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