Real-Time Research Results on the Top Changes on The Horizon

On November 1, 2023 Prosci conducted a webinar sharing the top expected changes identified in the 12th edition of Best Practices in Change Management. During the webinar, we did a deep dive into the top six and attendees shared what changes they had on their horizon for each category. One day later, we are proud to present to you an interactive research report you can navigate to explore the responses.

If we know what changes are on the horizon, we are in a better position to prepare for and respond to them. While your change agenda will not look exactly like these findings, the research serves as an interactive almanac.

Explore the top changes on the horizon related to:

  • Technology and Digital Transformation
  • Regulatory Changes and Compliance
  • Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Talent Retention and Turnover
  • Cultural and Organizational Change
  • Customer Expectations

To get started, click the expand expand-icon icon (bottom right) to see the dashboard in full-screen mode. Watch the walkthrough video below for additional guidance on how to interact with the data.


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